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Pioneering Excellence

Welcome to Safire Machinery, a renowned printing house in India equipped with cutting-edge printing and binding machines. With a rich history dating back to 1978 when we began as a modest poster printing unit, Safire has evolved into a leading provider of high-quality printing services.

Our Machinery Division

stands as the largest source of used printing and allied machineries in India, proudly maintaining its No. 1 position for nearly three decades.

Printing Excellence Since 1978

Safire Machinery, with a legacy dating back to 1978, has transformed from a modest poster printing unit into a renowned printing house in India, specializing in high-quality printing services.

Customer-Centric Vision 2024

With the ambitious “VISION 2024” project, Safire Group is dedicated to developing a unique style and operational system, prioritizing customer service and ensuring the success of reproductions.

No. 1 Source for Printing Machinery

Our Machinery Division proudly maintains its No. 1 position as the largest source of used printing and allied machineries in India for nearly three decades, making Safire the preferred destination for printers seeking diverse machines.

Extensive Inventory and Expert Support

The Machinery Division, known for its extensive inventory, stands as a reliable partner for Indian printers, offering top-notch technical support and service backed by a team of highly qualified experts.

Diverse Business Portfolio

Safire Group, comprising six companies engaged in activities from printing presses to mining, showcases versatility and expertise across industries, both domestically and internationally.

Warehouses in Chennai and Sivakasi

Explore Safire’s commitment to excellence firsthand by discovering the activities and extensive stock at our warehouses in Chennai and Sivakasi, providing a glimpse into our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Educational Printing Excellence

Safire specializes in producing high-quality educational materials, including books and manuals, emphasizing a commitment to fostering learning.

Carton Box Expertise

As a comprehensive printing house, Safire excels in precision and reliability in the production of carton boxes, meeting diverse packaging needs.

Global Presence

Safire Group’s engagement in imports and exports enhances its global reach, ensuring seamless business operations and extending high-quality printing services worldwide.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Safire is dedicated to continuous improvement, constantly refining operational styles, adopting new technologies, and staying at the forefront of advancements in the printing industry.


We extend our printing business to great lengths with our wider range of printer machines. Available in both new machines and used machines.